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David A. Wetterman

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David A. Wetterman was an extraordinary individual, truly one of a kind, whose unique presence set him apart from the rest. Growing up in Hinkley, CA, he developed an unwavering passion for the fire service from a very young age. At just 18, he officially embarked on his illustrious career as a firefighter. In 2014, he joined Newberry Fire, where he cherished every moment of his service, forming strong connections with everyone he interacted with, especially when the topic revolved around guns, old vehicles, and the particular interest closest to his heart – old firefighter equipment.

David's love for firearms was undeniable, as he appreciated and admired a wide variety of them. In pursuit of his dreams, he ventured to New Mexico in 2017 to explore a fire chief position. However, his heart ultimately led him back to Newberry, where he was warmly welcomed with open arms.

Tragically, our beloved Brother departed from us on May 22, 2022. Despite the profound pain of our loss, the memory of David and the immense impact he had on so many lives will forever remain etched in our hearts. We will never forget the man who touched so many with his unique character and was loved by all who had the privilege of knowing him.