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Push-In of Engine 392

A group of firefighters standing in front of their firetruck, photo taken upside-down.

Fuebruary 24, 2024 marked an exhilarating day for Newberry Springs fire and its comminity. Through the FEMA AFG grant, Newberry Springs, alongside Yermo Fire Department, acquired $145,000 worth of SCBA Scott X3 Pro Packs from All-Star. Steve and Christina from All-Star providied an in-service training for our new equipment. This acquisition included 17 Scott packs, 17 face pieces, 17 voice amplifiers, and 34 bottles, all of which will serve as indispensable assets in firefighting operations, particularly in immediate danger to life and health environments, ensuring access to clean air for our firefighters. 

A group of firefighters posing in front of an American flag, with firefighting equipment.

In addition to receiving the Scott X3 pro SCBA  packs, the Newberry Springs fire department celebrated the ceremonial, pushing in of the new engine 392 apparatus, making it official entry and service. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Newberry Springs community for the unwavering support, they have continuously shown to our fire department. For the more we express our app ap to the members of the Newberry community service district board of directors for their dedicated efforts and securing this apparatus. 

We invite the community to visit Anytime they spot the Station bay doors open, fostering, a closer connection between our firefighters and the community we proudly serve.

People participating in a team-building exercise, pushing a fire truck together.