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Supervisor Rowe present Newberry Springs Fire Department a check

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"The Newberry Springs Community Services District (CSD) and Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce were so excited for the 4th of July that they decided to celebrate a day early! The Newberry Springs community gathered on Monday, July 3, for live music, good food, kickball, and of course, fireworks. Supervisor Rowe was honored to attend and used the occasion to present the CSD with a ceremonial check, representing funding recently approved by the Board of Supervisors to cover the cost of renovations to the Newberry Springs Fire Station." - County Page 


The Newberry Springs Fire Department is pleased to announce a generous contribution from District Supervisor Dawn Rowe. A significant amount of $68,985.00 has been received to address crucial repairs in the fire department's electrical system. These much-needed repairs became essential after the fire department successfully acquired bunking quarters for their dedicated firefighters in October 2021. However, due to financial constraints, they were unable to accommodate firefighters overnight at the station until now.

Recognizing the importance of supporting our firefighters and ensuring their well-being, the Newberry Springs Fire Department and their Community Services District (CSD) reached out to the county for assistance. Though reluctant at first, the county came forward with eagerness to help. As a result, the fire department and the CSD would like to extend their utmost gratitude to the county for their gracious and invaluable contribution.

With the repairs to the electrical system now possible, the Newberry Springs Fire Department can finally provide the necessary accommodations for firefighters to stay overnight at the station. This support not only enhances the efficiency of the department but also ensures the safety and readiness of our brave firefighters as they continue to protect and serve the community.


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